Let women think

Let women write

Let women travel wherever they will

Let women weep

Let women feel

Let women be what they are meant to be

Let the covering fall off

And their faces be seen

Each face as made by the hands of God

Not shy or timid or frail or fearful

But strengthened in the knowledge of their true identity

Let women run

Let women stand

Let their fears be trapped forever in His Grace

Let women grow

Let women change

Let women be discovered as the oasis in a desert

Let women fly like an airplane aloft

Let women soar to their greatest heights

Let women see much further than the sky

Let women dance

Let women sing

Let women carry each others’ burdens

And lay down their own at the foot of the cross

Let women be willing to wipe each others’ tears

And let go of hurts and wounds down the years

If you know any woman, any lady, any female

Then tell her to be free, to be great and to be her best

Let her know there’s a definite place for her

To be everything that God meant for her to be.