This blog is about the subject of mentoring and why it is needed in our society. Although it is more tilted toward mentoring women, the tips, ideas, resources, etc can be used even in mentoring men.  I would like you to be inspired into becoming a mentor in your own sphere of influence.

The mentoring resources you will find here are not just articles, but also links to other places that have vital information, e.g. mentoring programs, coaches in different fields, and so on.

In case you feel there is something you would like tackled and it is not available here, do not hesitate to let me know. I love writing for people! Just put it on the comment box below (as a topic you wish to be covered) and I will respond with an article or two. I am that flexible.

You will get an alert from me as soon as I have tackled the said topic, of course as long as you ensure your email address is entered as well.

You can also have your questions on mentoring answered either through email or by way of an article in the relevant area.

I hope you find this blog as valuable.


Edna R. Aluoch

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