We begin here

We begin here by talking about mentoring. The first thing is to understand what mentoring is and share what it means to different people.

Generally speaking, mentoring is a two-way relationship whereby a mentor pours out their life, skills and knowledge to another person or goup in order for the latter to develop in a particular area. It is also a process, which means it works out over a period of time. It can be done formally or informally.

The key thing is that it is a relationship, which means there needs to be communication, exchange of information, response, and so on.

To begin a mentoring relationship, both parties have to agree and be willing. The mentor has to be willing to devote their time, attention and resources to the mentoring process, while the person being mentored has to be available for the training, instruction, guidance or whatever form the mentoring process will take. To be mentored effectively, one has to have a teachable spirit, easily corrected and instructed.

That’s mentoring in a nutshell, but please do let me know what you think mentoring is by putting it in the comment box.




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